Police notes

Burglary reported

An aggravated burglary was reported Saturday in the 3100 block of North 124th, according to a social media post by the police chief.

A suspect allegedly entered the house, took a vehicle’s keys, ran into the garage door and fled on foot, according to the report.

Battery case reported

An aggravated domestic battery case was reported Saturday at 54th and Swartz Road, according to a social media post by the police chief.

As an officer was trying to take the suspect into custody, the suspect knocked the officer to the ground and tried to flee. The officer was holding on and was dragged by the suspect, according to the report. The officer had minor injuries. The suspect was found later with a handcuff on.

Choking case reported

A victim reported that her boyfriend had tried to choke her on Sunday, according to a social media note by the police chief.

According to the report, the victim had marks on her neck. Police took a suspect into custody.

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