Primary could be required for BPU elections, not enough candidates yet to require a primary in other offices

by Mary Rupert

Wyandotte County Election Commissioner Bruce Newby stated that based on the current candidate filings, there is a possibility of a primary being required for the Board of Public Utilities positions.

All the other city and school offices currently have fewer than the number of candidates that would necessitate a primary, Newby stated.

The primary election, if required, will be Aug. 6 and the general election will be Nov. 5. The filing deadline is at noon June 3.

There are four candidates for BPU District 3, according to the election office’s candidate list. They include Jeff Bryant, incumbent; Aaron Coleman, Dustin K. Dye and Stan S. Frownfelter. Frownfelter also is a state legislator.

There are three candidates for BPU at large, position 3. They are Norman D. Scott, incumbent; Melissa Oropeza-Vail and Faith L. Rivera.

Newby stated the primary election ballot does not have any questions, but there is a constitutional amendment question on the November general election ballot.

A Senate Concurrent Resolution has placed a constitutional amendment question on the November ballot concerning the census.

The amendment proposes eliminating the adjustment of the census taken by the U.S. Census Bureau regarding nonresident military personnel and nonresident students when reapportioning the Kansas Senate and House of Representatives, Newby stated.

Currently, the state constitution requires a census adjustment that excludes nonresident military personnel and students. A vote for the amendment will eliminate the exclusion, according to Newby. Other states do not exclude nonresident military and students.

Several candidates have filed for office in the municipal elections in 2019, according to the Wyandotte County election office list.

Candidates for city, BPU and school elections include:

Unified Government

Melissa A. Brune Bynum, incumbent, UG commissioner at large, District 1.
Steven James, UG commissioner at large, District 1.
Ann Murguia, incumbent, UG Commissioner, District 3.
Christian A. Ramirez, UG Commissioner, District 3.
Jorge Luis Flores, UG Commissioner, District 4.
Harold Johnson, incumbent, UG Commissioner, District 4.
Angela Markley, incumbent, UG Commissioner, District 6.

Register of Deeds

Tscher Manck.
Nancy Burns, incumbent.

Board of Public Utilities

Melissa Oropeza-Vail, BPU at large, position 3.
Faith L. Rivera, BPU at large, position 3.
Norman D. Scott, incumbent, BPU at large, position 3.
Robert “Bob” Milan, incumbent, BPU board member, District 1.
Aaron Coleman, BPU board member, District 3.
Dustin K. Dye, BPU board member, District 3.
Jeff Bryant, incumbent, BPU board member, District 3.
Stan S. Frownfelter, BPU board member, District 3.

Bonner Springs

Jeff W. Harrington, incumbent, mayor.
Mike Thompson, City Council, District 1.
Dani Gurley, City Council, District 2.

Kansas City Kansas Community College Board of Trustees

Donald Ash, incumbent.
Jammie A. Johnson.
Paul P.J. Jones.
Ray Daniels, incumbent.
Rosalyn Brown, incumbent.

Turner Board of Education

Daniel Soptic, incumbent.
Becky Billigmeier, incumbent.

Bonner Springs Board of Education
Jennifer McConico.

Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Education
Brenda C. Jones, incumbent.
Janey Humphries, incumbent.
Joseph A. Straws III.
Valdenia C. Winn, incumbent.
Gary E. Bradley-Lopez.

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