Recent tragedy points to need for more gun control

Opinion column

Window on the West
by Mary Rupert
Like almost everyone in the Kansas City area, I was shocked by the events of Sunday, April 13, when three persons were killed in a shooting near the Jewish Community Center parking lot in Overland Park, Kan.

It’s important for community members to continue their efforts for the good of others, without fear.

The tragic events point not only to a need for more education of children on accepting others who may be different from them (especially education from parents on accepting others), it also points to a need for more limitations on guns that seem to be growing in numbers and are everywhere in today’s world.

Unfortunately, Kansas seems to be moving in the opposite direction, toward allowing people to carry guns everywhere.

You’ll never convince me that this is the civilized thing to do. Civilized people settle their differences in a calmer manner, without weapons. They sit down and negotiate their differences. They may go to court if necessary. They get a law passed. They write letters to the editor. They don’t need to take the law into their own hands. They don’t need guns.

To carry a gun around (if you are not a law enforcement officer) is to take a step backwards toward a more uncivilized life.

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