Repair project slated for Piper streets

Piper streets will be sealed in a repair project scheduled to begin in April.

County Engineer Bill Heatherman said a crack-and-seal project is planned in the Piper area of Kansas City, Kan.

About 21.7 miles of streets will be covered by the project, which will seal cracks in asphalt streets to prevent water from getting under the pavement, he said. Water under the pavement causes the streets to deteriorate more quickly, and the sealing treatment is expected to make the roads last longer.

Residents of nearby Piper neighborhoods are expected to be notified before the project begins.  On the list of neighborhoods to receive crack-and-seal treatment are Delaware Ridge, Delaware Highlands, Swan Lake, Rolling Meadows, Whispering Ridge, Swanson Farms, Pavilions of Piper and Freeman Farms.

Heatherman referred to it as a pilot project for streets that are less than 20 years old.

The project is expected to cost around $150,000.  After it is completed, the repaired area may look a bit like lines on the road. The cost is much less than other street repairs, including micro-sealing and mill and overlay, he said.

Heatherman made his remarks at a March Unified Government public works committee meeting.

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