Rock group brings its music and lessons to Harmon students

Using the power of a live rock performance and its own personal story, the band Gooding will provide students at Harmon High School with valuable life lessons about finance and discipline to help them see their own dreams as possibilities.

Gooding will present its “Funding the Future” program at the school on Thursday, April 24, at an all-school assembly beginning at 1:20 p.m. The concert is being sponsored by American Digital Security (ADT).

“Funding the Future” is a concert, multimedia presentation and talkback program, that focuses on predatory lending, the danger of credit card debt and saving early.

Guitarist-singer and namesake Gooding and his band of brothers, Jesse Rich and Billy Driver, have traveled to dozens of middle and high schools to spread this message to students. Their talk includes exposing the myth of rock stars, athletes and actors who sell the false image of overnight success.

The band is LA-based and Kansas-bred. Currently based in Los Angeles, the band members grew up in Wichita, Kan. They have a new album, “We Are the Dark Stars,” scheduled to come out May 13. The band has given more than 900 concerts on the road.

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– Information from Kansas City, Kan., Public Schools

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