Rosedale master plan changes approved

The Unified Government Commission on Thursday night approved changes to the Rosedale master plan.

Some Rosedale community members spoke in favor of the plan at a public hearing at the meeting.

UG officials said there was a high level of community involvement in developing this master plan, with many public and neighborhood meetings held.

While those who spoke at the public hearing generally said they were in favor of the revised plan, representatives from the Rosedale Development Association supported it and also said there was more study needed of the Cambridge Circle interchange.

A representative of Lane 4 development group had questions about the density of the area and how well retail would do, if streets near 39th and Rainbow were turned into one-way streets. That might cut traffic in half for retailers and businesses, according to the developer. Under the plan, Rainbow and Adams could become one-way streets.

A similar comment was voiced by a banker who thought one-way streets may cause problems in the future.

There also appeared to be some concerns about properties not being able to build higher than one story above their adjacent neighbor in some areas. Moderate mixed-use development will be allowed on busy streets in Rosedale, on Rainbow from 43rd to 47th and on 43rd between Rainbow and State Line.

While the speakers had their concerns about various points in the plan, they were not opposed to the plan itself. After a discussion, the revisions to the Rosedale master plan passed 10-0.

According to UG officials, more study and public engagement would be conducted before any major changes are made.

More details about the Rosedale master plan are available on page 294 of the UG agenda for Dec. 1, which is located at

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