Saying goodbye to old Welborn School

A tour of the first grade class at old Welborn Elementary School on Alumni Night, May 23. The class looked so much smaller than what we remember. Welborn’s little and large buildings are scheduled to be torn down in June 2019, with a new school to be open next school year. (Photo by Shelley Lucas Snider)

by Lou Braswell

Welborn Elementary School, 5200 Leavenworth Road, Kansas City, Kansas, was open for tours on Alumni Night, May 23, as a way of saying goodbye to the school building before it is torn down in June.

A new school building is replacing the older one.

Boxes were packed Thursday, just waiting for the big move to the newly built school.

My daughters all went to Welborn Elementary, and I volunteered lots of hours there as a parent.

It was very interesting to see all ages attending Alumni Night, including some students from the 1950s, along with some as recently as today.

There are lots of memories within those two buildings and memories written on those walls.

From the top floor of Welborn Elementary School (large building). The parking lot was full of the cars of former students sharing memories. (Photo by Shelley Lucas Snider)
All the boxes were packed, ready for the big move to the new Welborn Elementary building. (Photo by Shelley Lucas Snider)
The gym – lunch room of Welborn Elementary School, 5200 Leavenworth Road, Kansas City, Kansas. (Photo by Shelley Lucas Snider)
Two former students of Welborn Elementary, Shelley Lucas Snider and Cindy Workman Lowe, standing by the wall remembering other classmates. (Photo by Lou Braswell)

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