Several fireworks injuries reported on Fourth of July weekend

The University of Kansas Health System reported that most fireworks injuries they saw this past weekend were caused by mortars and sparkler. (Graphic from KU Health System)
Most fireworks injuries seen at the KU Health System this past Fourth of July weekend were to the hands. (Graphic from KU Health System)

The University of Kansas Health System reported 35 fireworks injury calls over the Fourth of July weekend.

Seven persons were admitted to the hospital. According to a spokesman, most of the patients did not require admission to the Burnett Burn Center at KU Health System, and are following up in the clinic.

There were 19 male patients and 16 female patients, according to the spokesman. The patients ages ranged from 2 years old to 55 years old.

The common locations of the injuries were the hands and face, and the common types of firework that caused injuries were mortars and sparklers.

The total number of patients may change as the week goes on and more patients visit the clinic. The total included transfer center calls referred to the clinic, emergency department visits and admission of all fireworks-related injured patients.

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