Superintendent selection process outlined

The two finalist superintendent candidates for the Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools were selected from 65 applications that were received, according to a spokesman for the district.

Much of the process occurred in closed meetings, until two finalist candidates, Dr. Jayson Strickland and Dr. Charles Foust, were announced.

Ray and Associates, the consultant, contacted 1,165 individuals about the vacancy, the spokesman stated. There were advertisements and recruitment through a national network of associates. The 1,165 individuals contacted were in 48 states.

Sixty-five candidates completed the application process, the spokesman stated. Then the candidates were evaluated and screened based on administrative experience, academic background and alignment to the district’s profile of the next superintendent, according to the spokesman.

Each candidate was screened through references, state officials, other school administrators and individuals who knew the candidate’s abilities and strengths.

Then the top 10 candidates were brought forward to the board, according to the spokesman. The candidates were from Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Texas. The board reviewed each candidate’s application materials and viewed a videotape of the 10 candidates during an executive session on June 2, the spokesman stated.

The board then narrowed the field to five candidates to interview on June 11 and 14, the spokesman stated. The board then invited two individuals to interview as finalists on June 20 and 21.

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  1. One of the finalists was from a North Carolina school district. Funny that his state is listed as Texas, as he mentioned that his family is there and he has no intention of moving them here. He will be in and out quickly. He needs superintendent experience on his resume, then wants to move back to a district close to home. Wyandotte County deserves better. Dr. Strickland is the only choice.

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