Ammo ignites in vacant home fire

Kansas City, Kan., fire crews were endangered and had to back out of a residential building in the early morning hours Wednesday when ammunition started to go off.

According to a spokesman for the Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department, firefighters responded to a fire at 2128 S. 26th St. about 1:58 a.m. April 23.

Crews, responding within 4 minute, saw heavy fire coming from the roof of the one-story wood-framed residential building, the spokesman said. They were told it was vacant.

After ammunition started to go off, crews fought the fire in a defensive mode because of safety concerns, the spokesman said. The fire was brought under control in 25 minutes. The BPU also was called to take care of downed power lines.

The estimated damage was $52,000, a total loss, according to a Fire Department report.

The fire is under investigation, the spokesman said. Despite being under fire, firefighters were not injured.


Fire at apartment building on 72nd under investigation

A fire at an apartment building at 905 N. 72nd St. on Thursday night is under investigation, according to the Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department.
There were no injuries, a spokesman for the Fire Department said.
The fire was reported around 9:49 p.m. April 17. When crews arrived they saw fire coming from the roof of the three-story apartment building, the spokesman said.
The fire was on the third floor, and it had extended into other apartments and the common attic area, he said.
All the residents had left the building’s 18 apartment units on their own by the time the firefighters arrived, the spokesman said. The fire was brought under control in 45 minutes.
The Fire Department said the estimated loss to the structure and contents was $300,000 on the $900,000 building.
The Red Cross was called to assist about 30 residents, who were all adults, the spokesman said.

Gas leak causes evacuation at Wyandotte Plaza

Some Wyandotte Plaza businesses and townhomes to the north were evacuated this morning because of a gas leak.

Construction workers working on the remodeling at Wyandotte Plaza, near 78th and State Avenue, hit a gas line with a front loader around 9:30 a.m. April 16 on a road behind the building, said Assistant Chief Craig Duke, spokesman for the Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department.

Some businesses in Wyandotte Plaza and about eight townhomes to the north had to be evacuated because the wind was blowing gas back into the building, he said.

The incident lasted about 45 minutes, until the gas was shut off, and then workers and residents returned to their buildings, he said. There were injuries.