Kansas City, Kan., police reports

March 9

Theft, criminal damage, 8100 block of Troup, ignition, $250 value.

Theft, 1700 block of North 73rd Terrace, 2006 Ford Mustang, $10,000 value.

Theft, 800 block of North 34th, 1996 Honda Accord, $2,000 value.

March 8

Burglary, 3300 block of Shawnee Drive, purse, driver’s license, currency, $225 value.

Burglary, criminal damage, 1800 block of Glendale, two toolboxes wet vacuum, plumbing tools, $145 value.

Theft, 3100 block of Haskell, handgun, combination safe, $300 value.

March 7

Auto burglary, 1600 block of Woodland Boulevard, knife, purse, bank card, $200 value.

Burglary, criminal damage, 1500 block of North 78th Place, door frame, $250 value.

Criminal use of financial card, theft, 7200 block of Osage, currency, $372.15 value.

Theft, 5200 block of State, U-Haul, tow dolly, $5,000 value.

Theft, 46th and Oak Grove, USSIC, electrical locator, $2,000 value.

Theft, 5000 block of Oak Grove Road, 2012 Chevy Sonic, $10,000 value.

Theft, 13th and Armstrong, vehicle, $3,500 value.

March 6

Theft, 12600 block of Parallel Parkway, 2013 Silverado, tailgate, $1,400 value.

March 5

Burglary, criminal damage, 4500 block of Welborn Lane, mink jacket with hood, mink coat with hood, ring, two camcorders, $19,900 value.

Burglary, 2600 block of North Early, gun, $500 value.

Theft, 1100 block of North 34th, 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada, $2,500 value.

March 3

Forgery, theft, 3500 block of Rainbow Boulevard, Bank Midwest, cash, check, deposit ticket, checking withdrawal, $2,703 value.

Kansas City, Kan., police reports

March 6

Burglary, criminal damage, 800 block of South 10th, door frame, $60 value.

Stolen auto, 2000 block of South Mill, 2002 Dodge sport utility vehicle, $3,000 value.

March 4

Criminal use of financial card, 700 block of North 61st Terrace, $210 value.

Feb. 24

Identity theft, 00 block of North 80th Terrace, identity.

Dec. 31, 2013

Identity theft, 2000 block of South Mill, card.