Trash collection to go on heat schedule next week

Trash collection in Kansas City, Kansas, will go on a heat schedule during the week of July 2, according to an announcement today.

Waste Management of Kansas Inc. stated that residential routes for trash collection in the Kansas City area will begin at 6 a.m. the week of July 2 because of extreme heat.

The collection will be on the heat schedule from July 2 to 7.

Residential customers of Waste Management in Wyandotte County and surrounding counties will be affected.

“The safety of our employees is one of our top priorities,” a company spokesman stated. “The current 10-day forecast for Kansas City reflects temperatures in the high 90 degrees with potential triple-digit heat index. We ask that residents place their trash and recycling carts at the curb by 6 a.m.”

In addition, Waste Management will not have trash collection or recycling services for residential customers on the Fourth of July holiday.

Those whose regular collection day is Wednesday, will move to Thursday collection that week, with a one-day service delay for the rest of the week. The regular schedule will resume Monday, July 9.

Waste Management also reminded residents of fire danger that some materials pose to their collection efforts.

• Propane tanks of any size should not be set out for collection in the trash or recycle stream, the company stated.

• Coals and ashes from grills and other outdoor activities must be fully extinguished, soaked with water and cool to the touch prior to being placed out for collection.

• Spent or unused fireworks should be soaked with water prior to placing in the container for collection.

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