Turner principal to receive award for saving life

Turner Sixth Grade Academy Principal Miranda Hoit will be recognized Oct. 6 for her actions that resulted in the saving of a life.

The Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department will recognize Hoit for performing CPR on Aug. 18 and saving the life of an elderly man who had suffered a heart attack.

According to the Fire Department, Hoit noticed someone slumped over in a vehicle that was parked just outside the school front door.

She took immediate action, running out to the vehicle. The Fire Department spokesman stated that with the assistance of staff, Hoit removed the man from the vehicle and started to perform “Hands Only CPR,” which had recently been taught to the Turner School District faculty by trainers from the Fire Department as part of the Fire Department’s “Heart Safe Community, Hands Only CPR” program.

Because of her immediate actions of calling 911 and performing “Hands Only CPR” prior to the arrival of fire and EMS crews, the victim of the heart attack survived the incident against all odds, according to medical staff at the hospital.

The recognition ceremony will be held at 8:05 a.m. Monday Oct. 6, at an assembly at Turner Sixth Grade Academy, located at 6425 Riverview Ave., Kansas City, Kan.

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