Two UG committees to meet tonight

Two Unified Government committees are scheduled to meet tonight.

The Neighborhood and Community Development Committee will meet at 5 p.m. tonight, followed by the Economic Development and Finance Committee.

On the agenda for the EDF Committee are several economic development projects. If they are approved at the committee level, they would move up to the full commission level for approval.

A resolution of intent to issue industrial revenue bonds not to exceed $45 million to finance the costs of acquiring, construction and equipping a commercial multifamily facility for Milhaus Properties LLC is on the agenda.

According to the agenda, the property is at the northwest corner of North 94th and State Avenue, which is the old courthouse annex property and former Schlitterbahn property. There were 270 units proposed in the project.

A 100 percent property tax abatement for 10 years is proposed on the property that may be abated under Kansas law. It does not include the school district’s capital outlay fund. Instead of taxes, the property will make payments in lieu of taxes, according to the agenda.

With deductions for meeting the goals of using local, women and minority contractors, the project could pay $2.95 million in payments in lieu of taxes over 10 years. Without the local, women and minority contractors provision, it would pay about $3.1 million in payments in lieu of taxes over 10 years.

Another IRB resolution is on the agenda for the Legends 267 multifamily project. The resolution would allow the issuance of $54.8 million to finance the cost of acquiring, constructing, improving and equipping a commercial multifamily facility, according to the agenda. There are 267 apartments and a parking garage in the project at 1879 Village West Parkway, in the Legends area.

If this is approved, there could be a public hearing on March 11 at the full UG Commision on the project.

The EDF agenda also includes the first amendment to the 18th Street Expressway Menards development agreement. It includes several minor changes to the ame agreement, according to the agenda.

Also on the agenda is an option-purchase agreement for 546 N. 130th St., Bonner Springs, to River Bend Land Co. for the building of a multi-family project. The project will go through the planning and rezoning process in Bonner Springs before land would be transferred.

A master lease-purchase agreement for Unified Government also is on the agenda. The agreement is with Banc of America Public Capital Corp.

The agenda also includes an update on the 2020 motor vehicle registration customer service.

Also on the agenda is a budget revision for the UG Health Department levy fund to support costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic vaccination effort.

A fourth quarter 2020 budget comparison with actuals also is on the agenda.

On the agenda for the NCD meeting are several Land Bank items.

Land Bank option applications include:
Two single-family homes, 2630 N. 102nd St., Dr. Dana Jackson; and 3008 N. 30th St., Habitat for Humanity.
One garage, 1310 Troup Ave., and 2000 N. 13th St.
One property option, 3306 N. 33rd St., Arturo Hernandez.

Several Land Bank property transfers are on the agenda:
Yard extensions – according to the agenda, this is mainly an administrative process to move these properties to the current owner and out of the Land Bank’s inventory:
923 Pacific Ave., Mark Sappington.
605 N. 110th St., communication tower.
10301 Troup Ave., water tower.
6543 Riverview Ave., service center complex.
6617 Riverview Ave., service center complex.
6632 R Riverview Ave., service center complex.
6539 Riverview Ave., service center complex.
6515 Riverview Ave., service center complex.
6541 Riverview Ave., service center complex.
5535 Parallel Parkway, water reservoir and pump station.
4139 Brenner Drive, water production
4151 Nearman Drive, water production.
1415 N. 40th, water tower.
2206 Vernon Ave., communication tower.
1817 N. 11th St., substation.
375 S. 11th St., part of parking lot.
300 Shawnee Ave., substation.
1734 S. 16th St., substation, transmission, Google hut.
1740 S. 16th St., substation transmission.
2116 S. 110th Pl., communication tower.
1839 S. 10th St., transmission.

The meetings are expected to be shown on UGTV, Spectrum channel 2 and Google Fiber channel 141, as well as on YouTube.

To join the Zoom meeting, visit

The passcode is 802943.

To join the meeting by telephone, dial 877-853-5257 toll free or 888-475-4499 toll free.

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