UG accepting title and registration work by mail beginning Monday, May 4

Agencies throughout the Unified Government have made numerous changes in response to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Although public buildings remain closed to in-person service at this time, the UG’s Treasury Office has established a new process for accepting motor vehicle title work and registration during this period, according to a spokesman.

“As the COVID-19 situation in our region continues to evolve, the Treasury has sought new ways to provide residents with the services they rely on to complete normal business activities,” Andrea Parra, deputy treasurer, said in a news release. “We are excited to announce title work and registration can now be completed by mail beginning Monday, May 4.”

To assist customers in completing their title or registration work, an online questionnaire has been established to walk residents through the process to help ensure they submit all of the needed documentation. To get started, visit and select “Click here to initiate a request to title your recently purchased vehicle: Request a ugdmv-title.”

Once the amount due is determined, multiple payment options will be presented. Documentation may then be mailed to or dropped off at the Annex Office located at 8200 State Ave., Kansas City, Kansas 66112.

The Treasury is also adding a process to acquire temporary tags through email. To start this process, send an email to

Residents with questions may contact 3-1-1 or visit

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16 thoughts on “UG accepting title and registration work by mail beginning Monday, May 4”

  1. This is definitely a step in the right direction for Kansas. I just sent in all documents Monday so I will see how it works. As someone has asked, how about drivers licenses next?

  2. I dropped off my paperwork for titling/licensing my 1997 Mercury on June 23rd in the Dropbox at 8200 state. Haven’t heard anything on the progress of getting a license plate or title.

    1. I dropped off my title for my2006 Ford Taurus at the Annex drop box in earl6 September. Have sent numerous requests for status of my application to numerous emails. Can anyone help me……?

      1. If the same number of Employees are working now as before the Virus began, then what is the problem!!! It is still the same number of people requesting help whether it’s in person, by mail, or online. It should actually take less time as there is less personal contact.
        They said if you make a mistake, they can’t process your paperwork. How are we to know? The websites are not that clear or easy. We have many questions with no one to answer them… how about hiring someone to streamline the whole system and process. As a layman could do better than whoever threw in so much complication to the whole system. You are paid good money to make the system east for the average person.

  3. I mailed an application for title and registration three weeks ago just like it says online. I have not received or heard anything back. My temporary registration expires in three days and I can do nothing in person because you have all my documents. I have tried to call but no one answers . Can someone respond asap please?

  4. How do you get tags or temp tags? We all have jobs too and we just can’t take off to suit your schedule. We have worked through the COVID 19 come up with something online so you can at least get temp tags or something. Because just to get tags is not worth losing your job. Please come up with something. Please answer your phones so we know what to do.

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