UG bringing election ordinances in line with state law changes

A Unified Government committee on Tuesday night advanced a charter ordinance to bring the timing of Board of Public Utilities elections into line with state law changes.

Last year, state lawmakers changed the spring city elections to the fall. They will be held in August and November of 2017.

The charter ordinance extends the terms of the current BPU members to cover the extra time between their original terms and the new timing of the election. According to a UG attorney, the primary election will be in August, with the general election in November.

The charter ordinance will require a two-thirds vote approval by the UG Commission, and there is a 60-day protest period in the ordinance, according to the UG attorney.

The change was unanimously approved at the Administration and Human Services Committee meeting and moves forward to a UG Commission meeting.

The UG Commission last year passed an ordinance changing the election laws concerning the UG Commission elections.

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