UG Commission to meet Thursday

The Unified Government Commission will meet on Thursday, April 8, with several planning and zoning items on the agenda.

On the agenda for the 7 p.m. meeting is a resolution authorizing the sale, in an option-purchase agreement, of some UG-owned property at 546 N. 130th St., Bonner Springs, to the River Bend Land Co. to build multi-family housing. The purchase price is $525,000.

Also on the agenda is a $25 million Board of Public Utilities’ loan through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. The loan would include $10 million for a 7 MG Argentine Reservoir; $9 million to replace aging distribution mains; $2 million for a transmission main from 90th and Parallel to I-435 and France Family Drive; $1.5 million for electrical improvement at Nearman Water Treatment Plant and pumping stations; and $2.5 million to replace a 24-inch main at 12th and the Kansas River.

Another agenda item is an ordinance on operating hours, hunting and firearms, camping, and digging within the UG parks.

Also on the agenda is a resolution amending the UG’s parks regulations to require all new dock owners at Wyandotte County Lake are Wyandotte County residents.

The UG Commission also is being asked to set a public hearing date of May 13 for adding property to the Riverfront Redevelopment District.

A new tax increment financing policy and industrial revenue bond policy also are scheduled to be adopted.

Some of the other items on the agenda:

• 1825 N. 94th St., change of zone from agriculture to single-family district for a single-family home.

• 1841 N. 94th St., change of zone from agriculture district to single-family home.

• 7714 Rowland Ave., home occupation special use permit for a doggie day care.

• 3648 N. 115th St., special use permit to store drilling and excavation equipoment in vacant horse stable barn.

• 4620 Mission Road, renewal of special use permit for the temporary use of land for employee parking lot for Taco Republic.

• 1127 Southwest Blvd., renewal of special use permit for an AirBNB.

• 3440 N. 131st St., renewal of special use permit for a kennel.

• 3505 N. 83rd St., change of zone from single-family district to agriculture district for agricultural purposes.

• Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department seeks approval to apply for a grant of $500,000 to combat domestic violence, dating violence and sexual assault.

• Second plat of Hart Industrial Park, 59th Lane and Speaker Road.

• Second plat of Cabela’s, France Family Drive, developed by Cabela’s Wholesale LLC.

• Memorandum of understanding with the UG and Service Employees International Union Local 1.

• Proclamation, National Service Recognition Day.

The UG Commission also is scheduled to meet at 5 p.m. Thursday for a closed, executive session on the administrator’s quarterly evaluation and a personnel matter.

The Land Bank also has several applications being considered at the 7 p.m. meeting, including:

Land Bank option applications
24 single-family homes,
CHWC- Rivers Edge East subdivision: phase 1, six homes, 2021: 3036 N. Getty St., 3030 N. Getty St., 3022 N. Getty St., 3016 N. Getty St., 1726 Roswell Ave., 2940 N. Getty St.

Phase 2, six homes, 2022: all at 2938 N. Getty St.

Phase 3, six homes, 2023, 3027 N. Getty St., 3021 N. Getty St., 3033 N. Getty St., 3039 N. Getty St., 3045 N. Getty St., 3031 N. 18th St.

Kristi Smith High, one home: 202 Stewart Ave., 204 Stewart Ave., 206 Stewart Ave.

Karan Gupta, two homes, 844 Tauromee Ave., 848 Tauromee Ave.

Maribel Cortez, one home, 3517 N. 47th St.

Habitat for Humanity, 3008 N. 30th St.

Row houses, Luminary Transformations, eight units, 1026 Oakland Ave., 1030 Oakland Ave., 1038 Oakland Ave.

Victor Alfonso Laozano, home addition, 3052 N. 31st St.

Land Bank property transfer
Yard extension, Cassandra Bitterman, 627 Shawnee Road.

This will be a remote meeting. To join the Zoom meeting, visit The passcode is 539513.

The meeting also is accessible by phone. It also should be carried on UGTV and be available on YouTube.

For more access information, visit

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  1. ………..digging with-in the ug parks. reminds me for some reason of our 72-73 cub scout outing to wilson cove. the den master has a box of hand tools and mentions to us to go about and find ways to prevent erosion. after a while we were told what the word “prevent” means. oh, oh.

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