UG committees tonight to hear about health, safety issues in Fire Department

Health and safety issues at the Kansas City, Kansas, Fire Department are on the agenda for the Unified Government Public Works and Safety Committee agenda tonight.

Robert Wing, business manager of the International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 64, is scheduled to make an appearance at the meeting to talk about health and safety issues in the department.

The meeting will begin at 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 21, at the fifth floor meeting room, City Hall, 701 N. 7th St., Kansas City, Kansas.

Also on the agenda for the meeting are a presentation on Capital Maintenance and Improvement Plan (CMIP) 2020 projects and major capital criteria by the public works staff.

In addition, the committee is scheduled to hear a proposed resolution to donate a 2005 Seagrave fire apparatus to The Village of Birmingham, Missouri, Fire Department; a presentation on the UG’s low-pressure sewer program; and an appearance by Tscher Manck, a candidate for register of deeds, on lack of law enforcement, and diversity of officers and firefighters in the northeast area.

After the 5 p.m. committee meeting is concluded, the UG Administration and Human Services Committee will begin in the fifth floor meeting room, City Hall.

On the AHS Committee agenda is a proposed ordinance to give a reward of $250 to anyone who provides information that materially contributes to a conviction of unlawful dumping.

Also on the AHS Committee agenda is a request to submit a Community Health Improvement Plan coordination grant application, and accept it if awarded, from the Health Forward Foundation, for $174,000. An in-kind match would be provided by staff.

Also on the AHS Committee agenda is an appearance by Ron Kelsey requesting that Planned Parenthood of Great Plains or any related organization not be allowed to open a location in Kansas City, Kansas.

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