Upstream dams releasing more water into Missouri River today

The Gavins Point Dam is releasing more water today into the Missouri River upstream, according to a news release from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Flood warnings currently are in effect along the Missouri River and its tributaries.

Gavins Point Dam releases were increased from 17,000 cubic feet per second to 22,000 cubic feet per second at noon today. Another increase from 22,000 cfs to 27,000 cfs is planned for later today.

The Corps of Engneers stated that releases may be further increased over the next few days, depending on the extent of inflows into Gavins Point.

A spokesman for the A.C.E. stated that the increase was in response to heavy rains and melting snow in the 16,000-square-mile drainage area between Fort Randall Dam and Gavins Point Dam. Releases from Fort Randall Dam were shut off this morning.

Runoff is expected to fill the small amount of flood storage in the Gavins Point reservoir, according to A.C.E. officials.

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