Ward Cyclones score 14 in homecoming loss

Sophomore receiver Christopher Galloway (2) stretched out for a touchdown reception. (Photo copyright 2019 by Brian Turrel)

by Brian Turrel

Bishop Ward High School lost 44-14 to the visiting Pembroke Hill Raiders on Friday evening at the Cyclones’ homecoming football game.

Ward scored on its opening drive, stringing together productive plays from senior running back Jared Templin to advance down the field, and then capping off the drive with a 23-yard touchdown pass from Christian Stein to Christopher Galloway.

Pembroke Hill struck back quickly and then kept up the pressure through the second and third quarters, owning a 20-6 halftime lead and moving ahead 30-6 in the third quarter. Ward continued to move the ball on runs by Templin, but couldn’t keep drives going due to penalties and blocking miscues.

Ward’s defense made an admirable stand in the third quarter. After the Cyclones surrendered a fumble on their own 6-yard line, the defense held the Raiders to a field goal after only 1 yard of progress on three plays.

Ward capped off the scoring in the fourth quarter on a 7-yard run by Templin, and a 2-point point conversion pass from Stein to Sam Alexander. The Cyclones’ two touchdowns were the most since a September 2017 game against Turner.

The loss drops Bishop Ward to 0-3 for the season. The Cyclones will play host to the Jefferson West Tigers of Meriden, Kansas, at 7 p.m. next Friday.

Senior running back Jared Templin (8) cut back against the Pembroke Hill defense. (Photo copyright 2019 by Brian Turrel)


Homecoming queen Estefania Tapia (third from left) posed with the homecoming court. (Photo copyright 2019 by Brian Turrel)


Freshman defensive back Corey Stewart (1) nearly intercepted a Pembroke Hill pass. (Photo copyright 2019 by Brian Turrel)


At halftime, the class floats, including an undersea theme, paraded through Dorney Field. (Photo copyright 2019 by Brian Turrel)


Senior defensive lineman Edgar Palos (62) grabbed hold of the Pembroke Hill runner. (Photo copyright 2019 by Brian Turrel)


Jared Templin lowered his head and charged through a group of defenders for his fourth quarter touchdown. (Photo copyright 2019 by Brian Turrel)


Pembroke Hill defensive back Quinton Conley (1) snatched an interception. (Photo copyright 2019 by Brian Turrel)


Senior running back Sam Alexander tried to fight through a Pembroke Hill tackler. (Photo copyright 2019 by Brian Turrel)


Offensive lineman Edgar Palos, left, and Jeremy Meza blocked to open a hole for a run. (Photo copyright 2019 by Brian Turrel)

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  1. I am Jed Templin’s grand mother.
    I enjoyed the rundown of the game since I had to work and couldn’t attend. I also enjoyed the photos of the plays. All this made the game come alive for me
    Thank you.

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