Woman’s body connected to Village West shooting found in Arkansas

A woman connected with a shooting suspect in Tuesday’s case has been found dead in Arkansas, according to authorities.

Charles R. Pearson shot at police at Village West Parkway and State Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas, on Tuesday and police returned fire, killing him. Before the incident, he told a hotel manager that he had killed his wife.

Overland Park police today said that his wife’s body was found in Benton County, Arkansas. They discovered a note written by Pearson about the location of the body. Police do not suspect anyone else in the case. His wife, Sylvia Ussery-Pearson, had moved out of their Lenexa home and into a residence in Overland Park.

Overland Park police said that Pearson was a retired 21-year veteran of the Army, an Army Ranger who served two combat tours in Iraq.

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