Wyandotte County students named to semester honors list at Kansas State University

Wyandotte County students have earned semester honors for the fall 2017 semester at Kansas State University.

Students earning a grade point average for the semester of 3.75 or above while taking at least 12 credit hours received semester honors and commendations from their deans. The honors are recorded on their permanent academic records.

Earning honors from Wyandotte County:

From Bonner Springs: Lucy Florez, Jennifer Hammond, Noah Minshew, Kemberly Sanchez and Tanner Tavis.

From Edwardsville: Caylee Merrow.

From Kansas City, Kansas: Adrienne Alder, Absalom Bernal, Theodore Bynum, Francisco Cardoza, Lindsay Chassay, Gabriela De La Cruz, Britani Eickhoff, Brady Gooch, Hope Grable, Breanne Hardiman, Madison Hays, Sandy Her, Meagan Johnson, Anna Kucera, Abril Lara, T-Ying Lin, Clayton Lucas, Philip Lucas, Sylvia Sue Martin-Cox, Abigial Morris, Sarah Morris, Elena Nicholson, Alexia Oehlert, Amber Paxton, Kelly Pham, Logan Stacer, Alyssa Strain, Shelbey Taylor, Zoua Vang, Kiernan Vining, Corinne White, Mary Winzer and Jamie Xiong.

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