Public hearing on Dairy Farmers’ building, creation of small business incentive program on UG agenda Thursday

A public hearing on issuing $46 million in industrial revenue bonds for the Dairy Farmers of America building and the creation of a Unified Government small business incentive program are on the agenda for the 7 p.m. meeting on Thursday, Oct. 1, at the Commission Chambers, lobby level, City Hall, 701 N. 7th St., Kansas City, Kan.

Some changes to ordinances, as well as planning and zoning items, also are on the UG agenda Oct. 1.

The Dairy Farmers of America are requesting an increase in the industrial revenue bond issuance amount from $30 million to $46 million, according to the agenda. A public hearing is scheduled on that, and also on a payment in lieu of taxes structure for the organization’s global headquarters. The location is at France Family Drive and 98th Street, near Schlitterbahn and The Legends Outlets shopping center.

The small business incentive program was discussed on Sept. 14 at a standing committee meeting.

According to George Brajkovic, UG director of economic development, who spoke at the Sept. 14 Economic Development and Finance Standing Committee meeting, the pilot program under discussion would take some of the money generated by the cost of incentives for projects in the community, using a portion of it for small businesses. It would be a city-wide program; however, it would be especially for areas like the downtown corridor and older urban areas of Wyandotte County, according to UG officials. Grants could be used for start-up inventory, marketing and other operating costs, as well as repairing or renovating store fronts.

As discussed at the Sept. 14 meeting, the grants would range from $2,500 to $10,000. The program as proposed would have discretion to go over the $10,000, but not over $25,000 per project.

With its small budget, $50,000 for 2016, the program would not fund many projects, according to officials.

One proposed ordinance change would strike the current definition of a dog kennel, to mean including four dogs instead of three, to bring UG planning and development into alignment with local ordinances.

Also being updated is the prohibited sign ordinance. One change would allow a sign on right-of-way and easements for 45 days before an election and two days after. The sign would be 32 square feet or smaller. Currently, no signs are allowed in the right-of-way.

However, signs in a regulatory sight triangle, 25 feet of the edge of the pavement, or any clear zone would be prohibited, according to the proposed regulation.

According to UG officials, a state law allows for political signs in the right-of-way unless the community adopts an ordinance that concerns safety, location and visual obstructions.

UG officials stated the way the state law was written, there could be political signs all along I-70 throughout the state. In residential neighborhoods, property lines are 11 feet from the curb, and residents have been allowed to place signs in their yards – which is a decision of the property owner.

According to UG officials, this ordinance has no effect on real estate signs or directional signs.

Other ordinances:
– An ordinance vacating right-of-way at about 3717 Cambridge, Kansas City, Kan.
– An ordinance vacating right-of-way at about 3717 Cambridge.
– An ordinance changing the definition for dog kennels, from including three dogs to four dogs.
– An ordinance changing provisions concerning prohibited signs.

Other items on the agenda:
– A special use permit renewal for five years for a portable concrete plant at 4313 Speaker Road.

– A special use permit for two years three storage containers at 4223 and 4225 Gibbs Road.

– A special use permit for two years for a bed and breakfast at 3200 N. 115th St.

– A home occupation special use permit for two years for making yard and garden ornamentation, custom automotive parts and general customer metal work at 4855 Georgia Ave.

– Renewal of two special use permits for two years for a fill site with recycling and truck weigh scale at 626R N. 47th St.

– Vacation application for utility easements at 2146 W. 39th Ave.

– Preliminary plan review for a convenience store at 4116 Metropolitan Ave.

– A special use permit renewal for two years to keep two goats at 3415 N. 63rd St.

Before the 7 p.m. meeting, there will be a special session at 5 p.m. Thursday in the ninth floor conference room at City Hall, for a closed executive session on litigation and personnel.

An agenda for the 7 p.m. meeting is posted at