Adopt-A-Spot program launched

Kansas City, Kansas, Mayor David Alvey, right, launched the Adopt-A-Spot beautification program by picking up some trash on Saturday morning at the Leo Alvey Park at South 49th and Metropolitan Avenue. In this program, groups may sign up to clean up and beautify parks, streets and other public places in Wyandotte County. The Alvey family has signed up for Leo Alvey Park, named after the mayor’s grandfather. The program includes Kansas City, Kansas, Bonner Springs and Edwardsville. For more information about the program, visit the Adopt-A-Spot WyCo page at (Photo by Steve Rupert)
“We need to take care of Wyandotte County. We need to show that we care. If we don’t show that we care, why should anyone else,” Mayor David Alvey said during the launch of the Adopt-A-Spot program on Saturday at Leo Alvey Park. (Photo by Steve Rupert)
The Alvey family has adopted Leo Alvey Park in the Adopt-A-Spot program, where groups clean up a park or street. “We’re going to show more and more that we care about our community. We’re going to do the simple things, and the simple things well, so that we will just continue to grow our neighborhoods,” Mayor David Alvey said. (Photo by Steve Rupert)
Edwardsville Mayor John McTaggart said Adopt-A-Spot is a great program. They will probably always have the problem of littering, he said, but he hopes this effort will raise awareness and ease the littering problem a little bit. (Photo by Steve Rupert)
Attending the launch of the Adopt-A-Spot program were, left to right, Kansas City, Kansas, Mayor David Alvey, Unified Government Commissioner Melissa Bynum, Unified Government Commissioner Angela Markley and Edwardsville Mayor John McTaggart. (Photo by Steve Rupert)