Edwardsville city council member to resign

Edwardsville City Council member Craig Crider on Monday announced he would resign his elected position after the April 11 city council meeting.

Crider made his remarks during the March 28 city council meeting. He is planning to move to a residence in Bonner Springs, city officials said.

His term was to expire in January 2020, with an election scheduled November 2019. According to an Edwardsville city official, a city ordinance says the mayor will fill the vacancy by appointing a replacement with the consent of the council.

There is no process outlined in the ordinance on how the appointment process will work, and the city is currently developing a process, the city official said.

Since he was first elected in 2007, Crider has seen the installation of a new city manager, the transition of police operations to a new facility, the establishment of an Edwardsville EMS service, and equipment and vehicle acquisitions in the city.

He also was a member of the council when the city went from a cash deficit to a positive year-end balance of about $800,000, the official said. His priorities on the council included open and transparent government, and attracting appropriate development to the city’s north end.