New charitable pharmacy opens in KCK

A new charitable pharmacy opened Monday in Kansas City, Kansas.

Pharmacy of Grace, 721 N. 31st, opened to help serve uninsured and underinsured persons on a long-term basis. Many existing programs are short-term only.

According to a spokesman for the new pharmacy, many medical conditions go unmanaged simply because patients cannot afford medication or do not understand how to take it. This eventually may cause people to seek emergency medical care, according to the spokesman.

Pharmacy of Grace’s purpose is to break the cycle of homelessness, poverty, school absentee days and unemployment caused by unmanaged medical conditions, the spokesman stated.

Pharmacy of Grace pharmacists will meet with patients in one-on-one consulting rooms to make sure patients fully understand their medications, how to take them properly, and staff can help overcome language barriers that may affect medication adherence, the spokesman stated.

Pharmacy of Grace founder John Yost was on a mission trip in Ohio touring a charitable pharmacy there when he decided to start a charitable pharmacy here, in order to help the vulnerable population’s long-term needs for medication.

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