Opinion: Something lacking at the top in the handling of the Minneapolis incident

In the wake of the Minneapolis incident involving the treatment of George Floyd, who died in custody of Minneapolis police, we were saddened, outraged and disappointed. That incident should never have happened.

After the event, our top national leaders could have done more to deal with the country’s dismay over what happened. Instead, what we heard were comments threatening protesters, that threw gas on the fires of outrage.

We keep waiting for a national task force to be announced from the top in an effort to stop other incidents like the one in Minneapolis, but we’re not holding our breath.

Our local leaders in the Kansas City area, however, have done a better job in their leadership roles in addressing the issue of how police should treat those who have been arrested, and they say they have rules in place to prevent that from happening. That is very reassuring, and we commend our local leaders for having better judgment than some of our national leaders.