Report outlines how residents can save on health care costs

U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids, D-3rd Dist., has released a report on how Kansas residents can save on health care costs, due to a federal health care law that passed earlier this month.

Rep. Davids was joined by Molly Gotobed, a Kansas City, Kansas, resident, at Reach Healthcare Foundation to share information that would help residents take advantage of the new provisions.

The new law will help families in the 3rd District save an average of $980 a year if they buy their own insurance and will extend the same savings to eligible families with unaffordable employer-sponsored insurance, according to Rep. Davids.

“Lowering costs for Kansas families continues to be one of my top priorities, and that certainly includes lowering health insurance costs for Kansans,” Rep. Davids said. “The savings I released today in my new report will ensure Kansans can afford their medical coverage without having to sacrifice other everyday expenses like gas, groceries, or education. Above all, many of these benefits will be felt immediately and continue to positively impact our community for years to come.”

“For years, we’ve turned away families offered employer-sponsored coverage even if the plan costs half their paycheck,” said Molly Gotobed, Kansas Assistance Network program director. “Other than families in the Medicaid gap, this was the biggest issue our families faced when trying to get coverage and it just didn’t make sense. Fixing the ‘family glitch’ will literally save lives and I’m so excited to call clients back to share the good news.”

“Lowering the cost of health coverage is good for families, households and local economies,” said Brenda Sharpe, REACH Healthcare Foundation president and CEO. “In a state that still has not expanded Medicaid, we are grateful for policies that offer Kansans some financial relief and an improved opportunity to achieve better health.”

The report identifies savings that are available immediately or starting next year. Key takeaways include:

• For the 31,000 Kansans in the 3rd District who purchase their own insurance, the federal law caps premiums based on income levels, saving an average of $980 a year.

• The savings also apply to Kansans who get their insurance through their employer. Those who currently spend more than 9.6% of their income on employer-based health insurance will soon be able to seek affordable coverage through the exchanges, fixing the “family glitch.”

These savings were included in Davids-supported federal actions, including the Inflation Reduction Act, comprehensive legislation to lower health care and energy costs and reduce the national debt by more than $300 billion. Additional provisions in the law that reduce health care costs include allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug costs, capping the cost of insulin at $35 a month for Medicare beneficiaries, and capping out-of-pocket drug costs at $2,000 per year for those using Medicare.

  • Story from Rep. Davids’ office