Santa Claus visits senior citizens

Gifts were wrapped and delivered to senior citizens on Monday by the Wyandotte Angels. (Photo from Wyandotte Angels)
Local law enforcement officers and public safety officers helped with delivery to senior citizens on Monday. (Photo from Wyandotte Angels)

Santa Claus visited several senior citizens on Monday in Wyandotte County, courtesy of the Wyandotte Angels.

“The best gift we give them is a gif of a visit, the gift of time,” said Jalynda Cervantes of the Wyandotte Angels. Since seniors don’t always get visitors, a knock on the door and a visit often is the best gift for seniors, she added.

Working with the Shepherd’s Center, the Wyandotte Angels helped 36 senior citizens on Monday, bringing with them Christmas blessing bags, she said. In the bags were crafts from preschoolers, handmade cards, decorations, snacks and treats, shawls, lipstick, jewelry and nostalgia items to uplift the spirits, she added.

The Wyandotte Angels are a grassroots volunteer group that helps the community. This is its third annual event helping seniors.

“I had lost both parents and wanted to serve that elderly community that is often forgotten,” Cervantes said.

They got police, sheriff and other law enforcement personnel involved in helping deliver the presents to the elderly.

“We wanted to build positive bridges between them and the seniors, trying to build unity in the community,” she said.

The Wyandotte Angels started about 2.5 years ago as a grassroots group during the COVID era.

“My husband and I were helping with food trucks,” Cervantes recalls. They noticed there was a need for more food, clothing, hygiene and other items. Originally they thought they would get 20 friends together, clean out their pantries and help two families, she said.

That then grew to thousands of Wyandotte Angels nationwide who have helped thousands of Wyandotte Countians. It was all done on a volunteer basis, without income coming in, she added.

Anyone who wants to be part of Wyandotte Angels may go to the Facebook page at