Thankful for it all


Opinion column

by Mary Rupert

Today I’m thankful to still be here, after a brief hospitalization possibly caused by an infection recently. I hope to be here for many more years, too.

Thanks to those who kindly care for those who don’t even know them.

Thanksgiving Day also is a wonderful time to thank all the volunteers helping the Wyandotte Daily. All year they have given their utmost to bring you news of their community, helping you to know a little of what is happening.

Thanks to Steve Rupert, Murrel Bland, Brian Turrel, Rebecca Tombaugh, Alan Hoskins, William Crum and many others for their giving spirit in helping out in large or small ways this year. They are unpaid volunteers, along with me.

I also am thankful at this time for all past teachers and mentors, friends and family. I am most thankful, as always, for a loving and caring family.

Today, drive safely, and stay home if you are sick, so we can continue our Thanksgivings next year.

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