Revenues climb at Hollywood Casino

Revenues at Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway climbed from $10.9 million in February to $11.8 million in March, according to the Kansas Lottery Commission.

Keith Kocher, director of program assurance and integrity for the Lottery, said that revenues for all three state casinos were up in March, as compared to February, with a gain of $3 million statewide.

The Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kan., reported $16.4 million in March revenues, while Boot Hill Casino in Dodge City, Kan., had revenues of $3.85 million.

The state of Kansas receives 22 percent of the net gaming revenues. Three percent of the revenues at Hollywood Casino go to the Unified Government as a gaming tax.

In a written report to the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission, Bob Sheldon, vice president and general manager of Hollywood Casino stated that the total gaming revenue in March 2014 was $83,000 less than March of 2013, a seven-tenths percentage difference.

Slots revenues were up slightly, while table game percentages were down. A winter storm may have affected the first weekend of March.

Several promotions were held at Hollywood Casino, including the $25,000 Hidden Treasures Giveaway sweepstakes promotion, which started in March and ends April 18.

Kocher reported that there was nothing new yet on hotel plans for the Hollywood Casino, that the extension of the deadline was still in place.

In other action, Kocher reported the Lottery is gearing up to work on the selection process for a new casino in Cherokee or Crawford counties in southeast Kansas, if a bill that was passed is signed into law.  The bill made it easier for a developer to open a casino there by lowering the application fee to $5.5 million and lowering the investment infrastructure to a minimum of $50 million.

Gas leak causes evacuation at Wyandotte Plaza

Some Wyandotte Plaza businesses and townhomes to the north were evacuated this morning because of a gas leak.

Construction workers working on the remodeling at Wyandotte Plaza, near 78th and State Avenue, hit a gas line with a front loader around 9:30 a.m. April 16 on a road behind the building, said Assistant Chief Craig Duke, spokesman for the Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department.

Some businesses in Wyandotte Plaza and about eight townhomes to the north had to be evacuated because the wind was blowing gas back into the building, he said.

The incident lasted about 45 minutes, until the gas was shut off, and then workers and residents returned to their buildings, he said. There were injuries.