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One-act play festival returns to KCKCC

by Kelly Rogge, KCKCC

It is that time of year again – the Original Student One-Act Play Festival at Kansas City Kansas Community College.

“This year, we have an interesting mix of two very different one acts,” said Gary Mosby, interim theater coordinator at KCKCC. “First, we have a spin-off on the iconic sit-com TV show, ‘Friends.’ Then we have a look into the Black Lives Matter Movement. These plays are written and directed by our very own students. It is a great opportunity for them to experience what developing a play complete to production is like. In addition, there will be improvisational performances and interactive games played by our improv class.”

The One Act Festival is at 7:30 p.m. April 19 to 21 in the KCKCC Performing Arts Center, 7250 State Ave. There is also a matinee performance at 2:30 p.m. April 22. Admission is $7 for adults and $5 for non-KCKCC students and senior citizens. KCKCC staff, faculty and students with valid ID are free.

The festival is completely produced by students and mentored by faculty.

The 2018 Original Student One Act Play Festival includes:

• “Friends” spin-off “We’ll Be There (For You),” written by Stephanie (Kathy). The play follows the lives of the kids from the famous show – Ben, Emma, Jack, Ericka, Claire and Lorenzo. With their own narrations along the way, the friends tell about their lives while showing off their quirky sides. New and familiar things arise, all with the special “Friends” qualities everyone knows and loves. Follow the friends on the ups and downs of their friendship and discovering that they will always be there for each other, just as the theme song to the original TV show stated.

• “Slow Jamz” by Gary Enrique Bradley-Lopez. A young man was killed by the police for stealing a candy bar and the town turns to protest. Two young men, Jamz and Slow, end up at the protest, which causes a stir with the police. The two men hide at a barbershop with two barbers, Rodney and Foul Dawg. There, they have in depth conversations and debates on the hardship of life. The protest ends up outside, things get out of hand and life is lost. Be aware, the “N” word is heavily used and discussed in this play.

For more information or to reserve tickets, call 913-288-7305, or email


Wyandotte County students’ tuition rate drops $4 per credit hour at KCKCC

New tuition rates also announced for other students at KCKCC

In a time where many colleges and universities are raising tuition prices, to a point where some students are being priced out of higher education, Kansas City Kansas Community College is either maintaining or in some cases decreasing tuition rates to retain and attract new students.

The KCKCC Board of Trustees approved new tuition rates during its March 20 meeting. These tuition rates are in effect for the fall 2018 semester.

“We wanted to take a strategic approach that included reaching out to students and parents in our own community, while also appealing to other student groups that afford the college additional potential growth opportunities,” said Dr. Jacqueline Vietti, president of KCKCC. “It also was important to recognize the support of our taxpayers in Wyandotte County.”

The new tuition rates at KCKCC, effective fall 2018:
• Wyandotte County: $82
• High school: $80
• In-state: $88
• KC metro: $113
• Out of state: $195
• International: $195

The KC metro rate is a special tuition rate for residents of Jackson, Johnson, Platte, Clay and Cass counties in Missouri who attend KCKCC.

The online tuition rate is $88 per credit hour.

A student and technology fee of $22 per credit hour is added onto the tuition rates, with the high school student category paying a $7 per credit hour technology fee only.

The greatest decrease is for out-of-state and international students, which sees a drop of $51 per credit hour. In addition, Wyandotte County students will see a decrease of $4 per credit hour. In-state tuition as well as the KC metro rate will see a slight increase of $2 per credit hour.

“This provides an option for us to remain competitive in this market of educating our students, while also giving a value to our Wyandotte County residents,” said Board of Trustees member Tyrone Garner during the March board meeting. “This will allow us to become a better value when you look at the cost and quality of the education you can get here at KCKCC.”

In addition to the new tuition rates, the Board of Trustees approved a restructuring to the current student fees. While the total fees will remain at $22 per credit hour, the original technology fee of $3.50 will be reallocated to Student Activities and Board Scholarships. The current $7 per credit hour technology fee will remain as part of the total fees.

Tuition rates at Metro Community College on the Missouri side of the state line are currently $103 a credit hour for residents, which includes students who live in the Kansas City, Missouri, Public Schools district and some other districts on the Missouri side, including Independence and North Kansas City, according to the MCC website. Out-of-district tuition is $183 per credit hour, which includes some Missouri side residents who live in school districts that do not pay into the support of the colleges. Non-resident tuition rate is $237 per credit hour for Kansas residents at Metro Community College. These rates include $7 per credit hour in fees. Fall tuition rates at MCC have not been announced yet.

The Johnson County Community College tuition rate, according to its website, is $93 per credit hour for Johnson County residents, and $110 per credit hour for other Kansas county residents. Metro area students, including those from Kansas City, Missouri, pay $135 per credit hour at Johnson County Community College. Out-of-state students pay $220 per credit hour there. These rates include fees. Fall semester tuition rates at JCCC are the same as the current rates there.

For more information about enrolling at KCKCC, call the Admissions Office, 913-288-7600.


KCKCC to offer learn to ride Can-Am Spyder courses

by Kelly Rogge, KCKCC

Kansas City Kansas Community College is expanding its motorcycle training courses to include a 3-Wheel Basic Rider Class (3WBRC) for people to learn to ride the Can-Am Spyder. After about 20 hours of training, riders will be ready to hit the open road in style.

The class is in collaboration with Can-Am, which is offsetting the majority of the fees – instead of the usual $250, the 3WBRC will cost $75.

KCKCC is celebrating its 20th year of motorcycle safety classes, making this the perfect time to introduce the Can-Am Spyder into the mix of top-notch programming and instructors.

“The Can-Am Spyder is perfect for people who want to enjoy the freedom of the open road with friends, whether that’s a beginner rider or an experienced motorcyclist looking to make a change,” said Bob Parkison, lead 3-wheel instructor at KCKCC.

3WBRC curriculum is a mix of classroom time with new Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) materials, as well as closed-course riding on Can-Am Spyder vehicles provided by Can-Am. Upon completion, riders receive a certificate to take to the DMV for a 3-wheel endorsement on their driver’s license. No further written or ride testing is required at the DMV.

Registration is open at Classes kick off this month and two classes will be held each month through October. The schedule is 6 to 10 p.m. Fridays, followed by 8 to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Can-Am Spyder vehicles and helmets are provided. All courses are taught by 3WBRC Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified Rider Coaches. The 3WBRC is on the approved list of courses eligible for the Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course Discount at insurance companies.

For more information about the Can-Am Spyder, visit For more information about this course or other KCKCC Community Education courses, contact Pamela Howe, coordinator of community education, at 913-288-7189 or by email at